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        Why should you consult us-

     1. Every case is reviewed by at least three Homeopaths. It means we work as a team and it decreases the chances of error and improve  efficiency.
      2. Our team of Homeopaths has well experienced Homeopaths. Most experienced Homeopaths has 20 year of practice experience and junior doctors are practicing since 2001.
      3. We are taking very nominal fees and giving much more time and more consultations per month. 

       Consultation Process -

1.    We provide email consultation. It is easy and simple. On main page of our blog a questionnaire is given under heading “Write Your Case”. Answer the questions on a editior(MS word for example) as a first interview. Answer the questions very carefully, write in detail and accurately as well as you can. Left the questions which does not concern with your case. Send your written answers to our email:   


2.    As early as possible we will answer your mail. After analysis, if we need more clarifications we will send some more accurate and pinpoint questions to you.

3.    After final satisfactory analysis we will prescribe you homeopathic medicine, which you have to procure from a homeopathic store or online and use as per directed.

4.    We provide consultation services as per best of our knowledge and experience. We does not claim any guarantee to cure. We work in good faith and for best of our clients. Results obtained in earlier cases which are explained here on this blog, as articles, does not guarantee same and equal results in every case. Results vary from case to case and depend on many individual factors.

  Consultation Fees- 

1.    Consulting fee for a month is US Dollars 25 or equal amount in other currencies for foreign residents. For peoples residing in India is Rs 1000 for a month. A month long consultation includes minimum two consultations (It may be more than two in some cases).

 2.    Mode of payment for Indian Residents is direct deposits in our bank account of HDFC bank. 

   Name:   Ravindra Singh Mann

        Acc. No: 04581930012704

     3.    Mode of payment for foreign residents is through Paypal.Click the link:


4.    Please mention the date and place from where you deposited the fee, in email.

5.    No inquiries will be entertained without prior deposition of fees. No refund of fees is possible.

6. It takes two days at least at our end to come to your case and it may take a week in chronic cases to give first prescription after analyzing and discussing with colleagues.

     7. Jurisdiction area, in any case is, Haldwani, Uttrakhand.


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